Here are what sisters who have completed the QAPT course have said about the course.

Dear sisters, Jazakumullahu khayran for taking the time to write down your feedbacks and sharing them with us. May Allah bless all of you and increase you in knowledge of the Quran.


آمين اللهم آمين.

Assalamoalaikum first of all i would like to mention that this Quran Arabic Session is one of the best thing that ever happened to me!! when i start the journey I haven't imagine that it is going to be this amazing and motivating. I have informed my tutor every now and then that her teaching method suited me the best among all other online classes out there. ما شا الله!! الحمد لله!!! I love her notes the visual format is mind blowing everything is in tabular, chart, flowchart or in the form of mind maps that makes every topic so much more easy and interesting!! جزاك اللهُ خيراً كثيرا!!!✨

- Jia 

Ma shaa Allah!! I just think the whole course is amazing. Alhamdulillah, truly Allah has blessed me with such a dedicated tutor, who is extremely tech-savvy, using state-of-the-art materials, making for a very rich learning experience. I could never have imagined that I would experience a fun and engaging course, whilst studying something as serious as Quranic Arabic.

- Sofia

Sis Ana is definitely very well prepared for every session. I can feel her passion in teaching/sharing her knowledge. You can also see her efforts in preparing her notes. MasyaAllah they are so detailed, but very 'student friendly' :) I feel so inspired just by looking at it! Alhamdulillah I have learned so many things. Sis Ana explained clearly and the exercises we did together helped a lot in my understanding. And the most valuable thing to me is the sharing of sis Ana's reflections on the ayat after we translated them. SubhanaAllah. So many things I did'nt know and that has definitely inspired me to learn more and continue the journey. The reflection on ayatul kursi was just MasyaAllah! Jazakillah khairan jazaa sis Ana :)

- Norhayati

Alhamdulillah, taking this course was the answer to a dream dua I had been making for years. I have always had an interest in learning Qur'anic Arabic grammar, but previous attempts to do so independently always left me feeling unmotivated and as though it was an impossible task. Until I came across Ana's QAPT course.


Sister Ana is the most organised, dedicated and supportive tutor I have come across. Throughout the course, she always remained patient and encouraging with me and this really motivated me to keep learning more. What seemed like a lot of complex and abstract grammatical concepts ended up being very clear to understand and apply because of the way Ana delivered the course.


Ana's passion for Qur'anic Arabic really shows through how much dedication and commitment she puts towards this course as a tutor. She has a way of clearly explaining each concept in such a simple and understandable manner. She always provided examples and exercises to apply the knowledge, which make it a lot easier to grasp abstract concepts. Not only was I learning the grammar theory, but we regularly applied our knowledge to ayahs of the Qur'an. This was my favourite aspect of the course, as my love and awe for the amazing miracle that is the Qur'an increased as we progressed through the course.


The class materials created by Ana are of the best standard. She took the time to create tables, charts and diagrams, all which were so methodically set out and easy to use. Ana made it easy to take the class online as she has all the right equipment to ensure a wholesome classroom experience; there was no disadvantage at all from taking this course online rather than in person.


Taking this beginners course has shifted my whole perspective of the Qur'an. I can now truly appreciate why it is described as a linguistic miracle because of how intricate each ayah is; something which be better understood by studying the grammar behind each ayah rather than reading it at face value.


Learning Qur'anic Arabic is a must for every Muslim. So take the jump, get on board and start the journey!

- Hima

This course is very beneficial and I would recommend to anybody who wants to start learning Quranic Arabic or having problem to keep the momentum with online learning. A lot of efforts has been put into preparing the course material that not only facilitate the learning better (summary and cheat sheets) but also inspired me to prepare and organize my study notes that best fit to my style. Ana's patience and flexibility in teaching are some of the factors that made it possible for me to complete the whole sessions. I can tell you managing time with kids, work and studies has it own challenges. But what i love most in this course is the exercises and practices. The exercises given are really meaningful and address the repetitions needed to acquire the skills as well as the possible mistake that you might do so you learn better. Alhamdulillah

- Huda

Mashaa Allah all is well, oh no, all is best :) alhamdulillah I have the opportunity to learn from you

- Dinda Prita

Sister Ana is the perfect guide, teacher and mentor if you feel you want to start this arabic journey but are currently feeling overwhelmed. She reiterates how she was way much weaker than we were when she started her QAPT journey and seeing her proficiency now is something inspiring for a beginner. Her personality has a very calming effect and hence makes it easier to absorb the knowledge. Her class materials are top notch and being a visual person they are the best tools to learn with. I am a little nervous how I will go into the second phase of learning without her tables and charts and mind maps. She is super patient with slow learners as well and very clear about what is the overall scope within this level.

- Tara

ABOUT THE CLASS: The tutor was always prepared for the class. The syllabus, class materials, and take-home exercises were so thorough and thoughtfully formulated. If that wasn’t enough, the tutor also summarized each class in an easy to digest document. Just reviewing the tutor's notes is enough of a refresher regarding a specific concept. Printing the cheat sheets, that the tutor has so diligently crafted and color coded, serves as another great guide that students can use during the class as well as in the future. My favorite part was that we went at my pace. Even though there is a set structure for the course, if it took me longer to understand a concept, we worked through that part in more detail. On occasion we could also cover two lessons in one class. I never felt that the class was rushed or too slow because of the individual nature of the course. The first few weeks with ISM were the hardest and here you really have to trust the guidance of the tutor. But once you are through those sessions, building up to fragments and then to sentences is such an achievement. At the end of the course, at a minimum, we can walk away with an understanding of how deep and meaningful the placement of each word in the Quran is.


ABOUT THE TUTOR: It is evident through the materials that the tutor has created that she is knowledgeable about the subject she is teaching. However, I was also blown away by her use of technology to teach, maintain notes specific to each student, and share this data across various platforms. It is very easy to see that she is smart, talented and creative in each venture she focuses on. If in the future, she offered classes regarding her platform set-up, or her creative projects, or advanced Arabic, I would sign up in a heartbeat. I feel I can add so much more about how understanding, nice and respectful of our class time the tutor was, but that would just make this review even longer.

- Naila