About me

As salam 'alaykum dear sisters,

Thank you for visiting my page. Here are some information about myself.

  • "faakihah" is a nickname from the Arabic word that means "fruit"; it was inspired by a lecture on surah al waqi'ah and the reminder of Paradise as my goal and purpose.

  • I graduated with Bachelors in Medicine & Surgery (MB ChB) about a decade ago.

  • After graduation, I worked as a medical doctor at a hospital for a while before going into academics as a part-time demonstrator/tutor in Anatomy at a local university.

  • Later, after a few years of internal struggles and external challenges in my self-discovery journey (and years of istikhara!), I switched gear to (finally) pursue my true interests and passion, Alhamdulillah!

  • My interest in Quran and Islamic studies started from an informal weekly class/gathering that my husband and I attend regularly; we study tafseer, hadith narration, fiqh and spiritual studies through commentary & discussion on written works of past scholars.

  • Here began our deep passion and interest in seeking sacred knowledge to learn and know about God Most High, His Message and Messengers, and to better ourselves both inwardly and outwardly.

  • Apart from attending classes in person, we also love learning from online resources such as BayyinahTV, Deenstream, Seekers' Guidance, Qalam Institute, Cambridge Muslim College, and many others.

  • My personal interests and current studies are in (Quran) Arabic, tafseer, spiritual growth, and Islamic logic & theology.

  • I began my Arabic studies from the "Arabic with Husna" (AwH) course on BayyinahTV when it was launched in 2012 and later attended a month long course on Arabic taught by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan himself in person.

  • Afterwards I continued my studies in Arabic with Bayyinah Institute and completed the Access Programs and Dream (Online). I've also completed a few Arabic courses offered by several other institutes and currently on my review of Balagha studies, as well as studying & practicing reading works in Arabic.

  • In 2015, I started tutoring Quranic Arabic to a handful of sisters who requested my help in their studies.

  • As the demand increased I began to privately tutor many more sisters via live Skype calls, and soon was tutoring full time from 8 am to 6 pm, daily. Alhamdulillah!

  • In 2016 I plucked up the courage to share my joy in seeking sacred knowledge on a public platform.

  • This instagram account and my website are meant to serve as a reminder and motivation for myself in continuing my journey in seeking sacred knowledge; for the purpose of knowing God & His Message and to understand my purpose of existence, and ultimately to attain His Pleasure, seeking His Countenance, His Closeness, and His Reward.

  • I also intend that these two platforms serve to first remind myself, then to encourage others to channel and incorporate their personal passion, hobbies or creativity into their studies of the Quran & Islam; this is to make their learning experiences more enjoyable and memorable; but more importantly for the purpose of making those interests (be it scrapbooking, journaling, planning, arts & craft) more meaningful, done only for the sake of God; and with God, i.e Allah, Most High at the centre of all! Inshaa-Allah.

  • Thank you for allowing me to share my journey. I pray that @faakihah and the website bring you nothing but benefit and that they continue to inspire myself and yours to learn about God & His Message and to seek His Guidance and Pleasure. آمين اللهم آمين.

You can read "About Me" and my activities in more details on my website at www.faakihah.com

Yours sincerely,

@faakihah, May 2020

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