• this instagram account & the website is a "haraam police"- free zone,

  • please respect each other's privacy, difference in background, hard work and efforts,

  • if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it :)

  • contents from both my instagram account & website (including photos, blogposts, printables, videos, etc.) are not permitted to be copied, edited, used nor shared elsewhere without prior permission.

  • if you'd like to repost, please do so with credit and the full caption included.



Please note the following:


  • contents (blogposts, pictures, digital products) are my own, unless stated otherwise

  • contents are from my own opinions, reflections and experiences during studies and based from what I have learned from my teachers, although not necessarily reflecting their opinions directly

  • all digital products are created by me using self-purchased professional graphic design and illustration tools and commercially licensed fonts

  • I do not do requested product review (paid or unpaid)

  • I am not able to commit to any collaboration (including giveaways, challenges, co-hosting etc.)

  • I'd like to keep my residence address private; I appreciate the generosity and thoughts of some sisters to send me gifts. However I am quite cautious of giving my address away, so I'm afraid I have to decline. I do apologise. May Allah reward you for your kind intentions.Ameen.

Jazakumullahu khairan katheeran.


- @faakihah