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praise & gratitude is for Allah, Rabb of the Worlds

to study & to teach, to remind and be reminded,

to benefit (myself) & to benefit others, to serve & to be served,

to encourage the observance to the Book of Allah,

and the sunna of the messenger SAW,

to call towards guidance, to direct towards good,

to seek the Countenance of Allah, His Closeness, and His Reward.

 - intention for seeking knowledge by imam al haddad

As salam 'alaykum Sisters,

Welcome to www.faakihah.com!

This website is dedicated to sisters only.

All sharing from @faakihah is from my limited capacity as a mere seeker. Allah knows best.
May He forgive any flaws or errors and may this site be of benefit to those who visit it.
Ameen Allahumma aameen.


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My biggest focus is on personal studies to improve myself both spiritually and intellectually.


In this website I share the current updates on my studies & tutoring & study group activities, focusing on Quranic Arabic studies but also including other Islamic sciences.

There are also blogposts on tips and resources on Quran studies.


I also love arts & crafts and creating my own stuff (DIYs). 

I'm particularly keen on incorporating my love & appreciation of pretty colours into my Quran & Islamic studies (notes) and my Quran journal.

Visit the shop for some printable goodies for your Quran Journal and watch the videos of my journaling process. Check out blogposts on this too!


My Quranic Arabic (QA) activities on this page include:

  1. Blogposts on study tips, journey, reflections etc.

  2. Self-paced, online courses for first-time students.

  3. 13-week one-on-one tutoring course, QAPT (currently on hiatus)

  4. Quranic Arabic Clinic (on-demand tutor support)

  5. Weekend QA Study Group


QA Private Tutoring

13-week course with regular one-on-one tutoring for Beginner level Qur'anic Arabic 

Quranic Arabic

On-Demand private tutor/study coach support for QA study, book as you need!

QA for First-Timers

Introductory Quranic Arabic grammar (nahw) self-paced online course 

 Enrol now!

Study Group

Study group for the beginner students of Quranic Arabic

(free of charge)

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